We want clients to find current listings on IWilTtutorU.com. It’s frustrating calling tutors that aren’t as advertised because their information has gone stale. Even though the information you have submitted is still current, we don’t know that unless your listing has been updated. We want to reward those that are being active in trying to solicit students. By adding “updated” into the listing and weighting the listings by the last update, we give preference and highlight those who have taken the time to update their listing to keep it current.

We want to provide a quality listing service on IWilTtutorU.com, when students and parents find a tutor with only a couple of calls, they’ll recommend the service to others, improving the service for everyone.

Your Account

About once a month is recommended. Of course if any information changes, you should update your listing as soon as possible. We do not force tutors to update listings, only provide incentive in the listing order to encourage regular updating, so you can update as often as you like.


Any pre-paid gift card with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover logo/insignia on it will be processed like an actual credit/debit card and only one credit card can be used per order. If a single pre-gift card does not cover the total of your order, we suggest using the balance on the pre-paid gift card to purchase. Please also note that in order to use the pre-paid gift card, it will need to be registered or activated by following the instructions on the pre-paid gift card itself or on the card’s packaging. Also, some cards may not be eligible for online purchases. Please refer to the company that issued the card for more details.


All listings must be Complete before posting on IWilTtutorU.com. New listings are reviewed by IWilTtutorU.com staff for approval and paid listing has Priority to be reviewed.

Within a week of paying customers for your listing, you will receive an e-mail from IWilTtutorU.com, either saying that your listing has been accepted, or requesting modifications/clarification before it can be added.

If you do not hear from IWilTtutorU.com regarding your listing after one week, ensure that you have submitted a Complete form. Do NOT submit a new listing. Send an email to the administrator asking for the status of your listing, include your username in your message.

We want you to be 100% happy with your order and give you 45 days (14 days for Sale items) to return goods to us if you wish to receive a refund, exchange or credit note. Returned products must be in their original condition unused and unwashed, with labels attached and all packaging present and undamaged. Due to the delicate nature of the Items and Hygiene concern, a 9$ restocking fee will be applied on your refund. For More detail see the Return Policy Here.

Optimize My Listing

his question is only ask seldomly, but there are many, many tutors who really should ask this question!

Before you submit a listing, make sure you have time to write a carefully and well written listing. Take a look at the listings already posted on the web site. Take note on what looks like a “good” listing to you. Often the listings that get the best responses don’t always include the most information.

Read the instructions on the entry form carefully, putting relevant information in the relevant fields. Tutors who try to take the “bare bones” approach are more likely to get error messages and other problems with adding a listing. Make sure you use appropriate language, and proper punctuation and spelling.

Finally, all listings are reviewed by an administrator (yes, an actual person reads your listing before it appears on the web site). If the administrator feels your listing is missing significant information, or needs clarification, you will be e-mailed requesting changes.

After submitting your listing, make sure to check your e-mail regularly. Don’t submit a listing just before you plan on being out of the country and unable to check your e-mail for a month. Make sure any mail filters are set to accept e-mail messages from IWilTtutorU.com.

In summary, if you take your time, and submit a well written listing with complete information, you will quickly have a good looking listing on the IWilTtutorU.com web site.