25 Online Games for English Language Learners

English Language Games



Volunteer Tutoring

  • VCC ESL outreach – The VCC has been providing an ESL Homefront Learning program for over 25 years. They connect homebound ESL students with volunteer tutors, and it’s open to anyone. A great opportunity to provide volunteer tutoring in return for training and experience.
  • North Vancouver Library teen-tutors – The North Vancouver City library has a teen-tutor program where volunteer teens are paired with grade 1 to 6 students for weekly tutoring sessions. Teaching others is a great way to learn, and can benefit teens in their school work as well. Additional programs for teens (assisting others, or just for fun at the library) is available on the teen page.
  • LearnScape FreeSchool – Located in Ottawa, Ontario, LearnScape FreeSchool coordinates volunteer tutors with students and facilitates other educational resources to students and parents.
  • Alberta Literacy Programs – Alberta Advanced Education supports Volunteer Tutor Adult Literacy Programs throughout the province. They also maintain a list of family literacy programs.


Study Tips

Fun Stuff

  • Science Venture, Victoria, BC – Science Venture offers science, engineering and technology programs for elementary school children. Find A Tutor is proud to sponsor a summer camp bursary for Science Venture.See the Actua site to find out about similar programs across Canada.